day-of goods

I love all printed day-of materials because to me they are so special. Why? I like to think that someday my kids + grandkids will be rummaging through my stuff and find the menu of what we served at our wedding. We had pizza– no joke! And it was amazing.

Let’s design some memorable pieces that you and your friends + family will cherish, always.


place cards

This is usually a small folded card that is placed at the guests seat, but people are getting creative with this one too. It has the guests name written on it so they know which seat is theirs guys slaved over that seating arrangement for a reason!



escort cards

This is your chance to get really creative! The purpose of this card is to guide the guest to their table-- it's usually arranged at the entrance of the reception as an alternative to a seating chart. Sometimes people have the information attached to their favors, or it can just be an additional place to carryout the overall theme of your wedding.



programs + menus

Programs: This is an opportunity to get real personal. You can leave programs for your guests to read while they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin and include fun info about yourselves, your bridal party, or maybe info about how the night will carry on. This can be made in the form of a simple card or more elaborate like a gorgeous little handmade booklet.

Menus: I feel like people are really stepping up their food game and what better way to highlight this than a little personalized menu at each seat. Plus, it’s another thing for your guests to read while they’re waiting to eat!


seating charts

make a statement

Your seating chart is your opportunity to dream up something big. It’s your chance to get super creative and carry out your theme even further. I love working on big custom pieces– send me a quick note with what you’re picturing and I’ll figure out how to make it happen!